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Toasted Hazelnut Coffee Handmade Cold Processed Soap


Our soap is made the cold processed soap method. During this process glycerin is produced and remains in each bar. Why is this important? Because glycerin attracts moisture. When you use our soap the natural glycerin will attract moisture to your skin. CPS084BG

Wow! This smells yummy and mouth-watering in soap. This soap is made with fresh brewed coffee and coffee grounds. It is said to remove strong orders from hands such as fish, onion and garlic. Plus it is great to remove heavy grease on hands after mixing hamburger or sausage. A must at every kitchen sink!!! **Price is for (1) approx. 4 oz. bar**

Ingredients: Brewed Coffee, Sodium Tallowate, (Tallow), Sodium Cocoate, (Coconut Oil), Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Canolate, (Canola Oil), Glycine Soja, (Soybean Oil), and Ricinus Communis, (Castor Oil), Fragrance Oil, Coffee Grounds.

Toasted Hazelnut Coffee Handmade Cold Processed Soap

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