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The Barely Gentle (Brown family) products are wonderful, I especially love the powder - it is so smooth and the scent lasts for hours. I have received many compliments. My sister who loves all natural products enjoys them. I send them to her on special occasions. Kristy is wonderful to work with and ships her products fast. I would recommend her products to everyone.”


Kathy C.


“I just love handmade products and yours are no exception!  I have bought the soaps, powders, oils, lotion bars and body spray. I must say I love them all. I enjoy the nice smelling scents and the variety you have to offer.  Thanks for selling these unique crafts at great prices, using them makes me feel special!”

Adriane R. Oklahoma


I purchased the sandalwood shaving set for my husband for Christmas 2007.  He LOVES his shaving soap!  He's just getting into the second cake now.  We're really pleased with how long it lasts, how great it smells, and how close of a shave he gets with it.  His skin has improved as well by using a natural product instead of the synthetic materials in shaving cream.  We're very happy customers!

Heather L.


I'm thrilled with the body powders that I purchased from Barely Gentle! The scents are just right, and I love that they're talc free.


Kat L.



Barely Gentle body powder is simply the best. Whatever the ingredients, it is the only thing that makes me feel clean and dry. The texture is so soft and lasts all day. To layer the soft scent of my nag champa body powder I bought the solid lotion. And I love them both. 


Mary R.



" Barely Gentle products are wonderful and smell so nice! I especially like the talc-free body powder and the handmade soaps. The lilac scent in the body powder is lovely and it really works great at keeping me dry during our hot Sacramento summers. The handmade soaps also smell delicious and they leave my skin feeling very nice and soft. I also keep some in a soap dish in my bathroom to scent the air and they look very nice as well. I highly recommend Barely Gentle products to everyone! " 


Rebecca B.


“I love my Nag Champa products from Barely Gentle.  I use the Nag Champa shampoo, conditioner, body wash, body powder and soap.  The scent is what drove me to search the website for bath products and I have been extremely impressed with the quality of their products, the reasonable pricing and the customer service support.  I highly recommend them to anyone looking for natural products made in a cottage industry environment.”


Elizabeth B.




I’ve been using Barely Gentle shampoo’s for over a year. I have a perm and it leaves my hair silky, with no soap build up. I have not had to use a hair conditioner since using these shampoo’s. The fragrances are incredible !!!

Barely Gentle’s soaps are fantastic, leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. No need for any lotions after taking a bath or shower. My husband loves the feel of the shower gels too.

These bath salts are purely wonderful. Having arthritis I soak in the tub for 10-15 minutes and I feel better all over. What a delightful aroma it gives the bathroom.

 These roll on perfumes are super !!! It only takes a small amount and in six months time, using it once a day, I still have plenty left. The fragrances are superb.

Since I’ve been using Barely Gentle products, I get compliments all the time. People ask me what I’ve got on and sometimes it’s just from the night before using the shampoo’s and one of the sprays or roll on perfumes.   Magnificent products. Five stars for Barely Gentle.

Carole D. Pennsylvania


Barely Gentle Bath products are fabulous!  I have been using them for four years.  I regularly purchase the soaps, lotion bars, goat's milk lotion, bath salts and the spray cologne.  My favorite scent is Mom's Special Blend.  Its combination of lavender, mint, eucalyptus, and menthol and is so soothing!  I keep an aromatherapy inhaler in my purse, and it helps ward off headaches.  My daughters love the products with the patchouli scent, and my sons love the hazelnut and sandalwood soaps.  These products make great gifts.  My friends have especially appreciated the lotion bars because they last such a long time and really help with dry skin.  Shipping is always prompt, and there has never been a mistake in the order.  You can't go wrong with these products!


Jill H.

Houston, Texas




 "I love the goat milk lotion -- soothing, and very light, fresh scent. I keep a supply of the soaps on hand at all times as token gifts.  It's a pleasure to take a little package of four soaps, which I wrap with a lovely ribbon, to friends.  In fact, last evening I was at a friend's home.  She was so surprised and pleased.  She passed them around the table for others to enjoy the various fragrances.  Everyone oohed and aahed. Great product for gifts.  The recipient is always delighted!"


Mary Lou H. Michigan


As a return customer I have been extremely satisfied with the service and products from Communication is personal and friendly, shipping is reasonable and fast, and the quality and fragrance of products are top shelf. Thank you Barely Gentle!

Laney C.


I have used Barely Gentle products in many ways.  The lavender tea tree oil soap has done wonders for my rough, unsightly heels.  I use it every time I shower.  The roll-on raspberry perfume oil is delightful with its light, but lingering scent.  Since I have allergies, it is a wonderful way for me to wear perfume without the negative reaction that some spray perfumes can cause.  The lavender essential oil lotion bar smells wonderful, but I also use it, as well as the citronella version, to deter mosquitoes -- a safe alternative to DEET.   The packaging and appearance make the products very nice to give as gifts also.  

Dennae K. Michigan


"There are two things I like most about Barely Gentle.  They have products I can't find other places and they have great prompt service. 


Chuck M (Virginia Beach)




I have had eczema my entire life and figured I would be using Dove soap, as recommended by my dermatologist, forever.  I discovered Barely Gentle handmade soap several years ago and have been a loyal fan ever since.  The bars are gentle enough for my sensitive skin and they smell heavenly!  Barely Gentle's customer service can not be beat.  Everything is well packaged with lightning fast shipping.    


Ruth G.





In the hot, sticky Texas summer, I've really appreciated the lilac body powder.  Love the lilac shampoo and soap too. 


Ruth R.
Granbury, TX



“Over the years, I have tried many handmade bath and body products.  I can honestly say that none of them are better than yours.  Furthermore, the quality of your products exceeds the vast majority.  I hope you are successful and that I can experience the pleasure of receiving your stuff for years to come.” 


Phil G.  Frankfort, Kentucky


The handmade soaps are marvelous!  The fragrance is so complimentary and my guests remark on the softness and fragrance.  The shower gel is also a remarkable product. I recommend these products to anyone.  Great gift items! 


Kathy U. Michigan




“I have been using Barely Gentle homemade soaps for several years.  I especially love the Bonsai and Nag Champa fragrances!  I have mild eczema and allergies to many fragrant bar soaps and have never had any issues with Kristy's soaps.  In fact, my skin is softer and itch-free as well as fragrant all day.  I also love her Sandalwood Goats milk lotion.  It is very hydrating to my skin and I have received many compliments on how "fresh" I smell.  Kristy worked with me for my nieces wedding shower and she made me half size bars with personalized wrappers, to give out as shower favors. They were a big hit with the ladies!  I would recommend Kristy's products to anyone who wants softer skin and a fresh, clean aroma to follow them around all day.” 


Michele F. Michigan




I am SO allergic to poision ivy. It gets in my blood stream and makes my life miserable. Now when I get in the garden without the protective clothing and I know that I've found poison ivy, I use the Jewelweed Soap and Spray from Barely Gentle and I don't have much of a break out at all, if any. This is the only product that I've used that has worked this well. These products have saved me from the suffering that usually requires steroid shots and pill therapy. So, am I a believer that the Jewelweed Soap and Spray works, you bet!! 


Michele M. Brighton, MI

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