Gardener's Scrub Handmade Cold Processed Soap


Our soap is made the cold processed soap method. During this process glycerin is produced and remains in each bar. Why is this important? Because glycerin attracts moisture. When you use our soap the natural glycerin will attract moisture to your skin.

Essential Oils are added to remove dirt and grime. Contains lots of grit to remove those stubborn stains and grease or oil.


Bar weighs approx. 4 oz.

Ingredients: Aqua, (Water), Sodium Tallowate, (Tallow), Sodium Cocoate, (Coconut Oil), Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Canolate, (Canola Oil), Glycine Soja, (Soybean Oil), and Ricinus Communis, (Castor Oil), Essential Oil, Walnut Shells, Egg Shells, Coffee Grounds.

Gardener's Scrub Handmade Cold Processed Soap

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